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Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef
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prof Fazal karim


I have seen the hands of top level politicians and made the correct outline. My hundreds of prediction have been proved true on the National International and level in the News papers. It is crystal clear that none of any other palmists have ever predicted with the precise date & month. They just predict that anything can happen in so and so year. If anything proves true, they would like their name with it. Even a lay man can make such prediction. My prediction are published with the precise date, month, year & the bane if the Newspaper in which they have been printed. Some of my prediction which have been proved are given below:
I predicated on 29th September 1996 in the Daily Jahan-Nauma that President Farooq Laghari world demolish the assemblies Benazeer Bhutto in Ocotber & November.
I predicted on 14th March 1994 that Mian Shahbaz Sharif would take over the charge Chief Minister of Punjab in 1996.
I predicted on 16 September 1995 in the Daily Khabrain the Film Stars Sultan Rahi would meet a fatal traffic in the first month of 1996.
I have predicted on the 4th May 1995 in the Daily Khabrain that Imran khan would get married to the girl by Name of ‘j’ in 1995 after 2 months.
My prediction was published Aon 30th September 1993 in the daily khabrain that Murtaza Bhutto would meet a fatal accident in 1996.
I predicated on 15th October 1996 in the daily Sahafat that imran khan would become the after of a son.
I predicated on 29th October 1995 that Peer Pagara would get married for the second time in 1997.
People have watched my T.V interview that Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti would expire aboard by reading his palm.
I predicated on 23rd August 1999 in the Daily Jung that Indian Fils star Madhori Dixit would get married within 2 months.
I predicated in daily Mashriq on 10th August 1992 that president George Bush will be defited in the election in a miserable.
I predicted in daily “Khabrain” I “January 2010 that Shahbaz Sharif will be realized.
I predicated in daily Khabrain 6 April Nawaz Sharif will not hang & General Pervaiz Mushraf will be president in some daily News paper predicated that a king will take Nawaz out of Country with him.
I predicated in Jang from 18, December 1999 that Pervaiz Mushraf will be president of Pakistna & same Daily News Paper predicated that American capital will lost by an attack by terrorist & an incident of Plane took place. Same daily News papers predicated that year 2000 will affected Madam Noor Jahan Seriously.I have seen the hands of top level politician & made outline. My all prediction has been proved truth in newspapers. I am expert in black magic spell bounding. No one can beat me for the solution of every problems contact with the expert in charms Ilim-e-gaffer Numerologist, Horoscope. International Fore teller.

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1 Horoscope 1,50,000
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4 Hand Fee Rs 10,000
5 Loh-e-Faloon Rs 50,000
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